What is the single biggest factor that affects whether or not your home will sell? PRICE. As a seller you cannot control location, competition, interest rates or consumer confidence. Let's assume that your property is the best possible condition that it can be and that you have hired a professional, experienced  Realtor who is exposing your home to the market in a number of different ways, yet it still has not sold. What should you do? Price is part of marketing. Maybe the biggest part. You may want to consider adjusting your price down 2-5% every 2 weeks until it sells. Your property is only worth what a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay given comparison shopping. Here are some things to consider:

The Market Value of Your home is NOT:

1. What you have in it

2. What you need out of it

3. What you want

4. What it appraised for

5. What you heard the neighbor's house sold for

6. What the tax office says it is worth

7. How much it is insured for

8. Based on memories and treasures

9. Based on prices of the homes where you are moving

The True Market Value of Your Home is What a Buyer is Willing to Pay:

1. Based on today's market

2. Based on today's competition

3. Based on today's financing

4. Based on today's economic conditions

5. Based on the buyer's perception of the condition

6. Based on location

7. Based on normal marketing time

8. Based on showing accessibility

Properties That Sell in Today's Market: On a Scale of 1-10, the "10's" are the ones that are Selling. How Can Your Property be a "10"?

1. By improving the condition dramatically

2. By offering good terms

3. By improving the way the home shows

4. By adjusting the price

As a Seller You Control:

1. The price you ask

2. The condition of the property

3. Access to the property

4. the Realtor you select to market your property

As a Seller You Do Not Control:

1. Market conditions

2. The motivation of your competition

3. Value